Much has been written about Mary Baker Eddy and her revelation, Christian Science, and we have no intention of adding to this body of criticism and praise.  Instead we wish to let her Prose Works speak for themselves. We are confident that the sincere listener will find the following:

  • Hardly a paragraph goes by without some reference or allusion to the Bible. There is no sense of the author’s using the Bible to justify a position. Rather, there is a natural confluence between the thoughts presented and the Bible itself.
  • The Christian message is constantly reaffirmed, showing the impossibility of practicing Science without Christianity, without repentance, without unselfed love, without a profound love of Christ Jesus and desire to follow his commandments, not because he was a good human! - but because he was the divine manifestation of God.
  • Although critical of the spiritually insensitive medical doctor, Mrs. Eddy is far more foreboding of quackery amongst Christian Scientists! 
  • The claim that evil is unreal is central to the Christian Science platform, but only from the standpoint that God did not create evil. That evil must be met and mastered is a constant theme throughout Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and you would be hard pressed to find a more thorough analysis of how it seems to work, how to recognize it, and how to overcome it.
  • Any suggestion that Christian Science was a stolen concept from Quimby or anybody else becomes absurd after listening to her Prose Works.  The depth and breadth of this body of work is distinctly individual, expansive far beyond a single philosophical thread, or metaphysical method.